Cabling SCSI Devices
Compaq’s VAX™-SCSI adapters support up to 7 devices per SCSI channel.
All devices must be Differential SCSI (HVD), and can include Disks, Tapes
and RAID devices. Compaq’s SCSI adapters have been qualified with
Compaq’s StorageWorks family of storage devices. Devices must be
configured external to the system enclosure. Compaq’s VAX™-SCSI
adapter is designed to allow SCSI bus lengths up to 25 Meters.
It is highly recommended that a high quality SCSI cable be selected for all
device connections, due to the importance of optimal signal integrity, and to
ensure compliance with regulatory agency approval for system emissions.
Most problems encountered during the initial installation of a SCSI system
can be traced to improper or low quality cabling and termination. Compaq
carries a complete line of high quality SCSI cables which are compatible with
Compaq’s VAX™-SCSI adapters, which can be ordered to meet the
requirements of your configuration.
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