DS-KZCCA-DB Installation Procedure
Use this installation procedure if your system type is VAX™4000-108,
MicroVAX™3100-88 or MicroVAX™-98.
Removing System Cover
After the system has been shut down, and power has been removed from the
system, remove the system cover by releasing the retaining screws.
Locate the I/O option slots, and remove one of the blank I/O panels. Consult
your system documentation for more information regarding accessing the
system internals.
Removing Enclosure Access Cover
Figure 13: Accessing the I/O slots
Note: To avoid damage from static discharge, before removing the
system cover, touch a metal part of the enclosure. It is
recommended that you wear an antistatic wrist strap and use and
antistatic mat when adding options inside the system unit.
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