Configuration Restrictions
You can not have the Compaq VAX™-SCSI option in your system at the
same time as the KZQSA Q-Bus SCSI adapter. If this module is in your
system, it must be removed if you want to run the VAX-SCSI adapter.
Compaq VAX™-SCSI Installation Procedure
The table below provides an overview of the VAX™-SCSI installation
1. Touch a metal piece of the system enclosure or power supply
2. Disconnect the SCSI cable from the CPU module
3. Remove the CPU module from the system.
4. Remove an unused I/O bulkhead handle from the system, and
replace it with the VAX™-SCSI I/O handle provided with
your kit. Route the SCSI cable from the VAX™-SCSI I/O
bulkhead from the I/O section of your enclosure to the CPU
area. You will need to be sure the cable routing does not
interfere with any system options.
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