DS-KZCCA-BB Installation Procedure
Use this installation procedure if your system type is a Vaxstation 4000-90, -
90A, or –96.
Removing the VAXStation System Cover
After the system has been shut down, and power has been removed from the
system, remove the system cover or access panel to gain access to the
processor module. Access to the enclosure differs based on your system
type, basic configuration examples are given here. Consult your system
documentation for more information regarding accessing the system
Figure 6: Accessing the VAXStation CPU
Note: To avoid damage from static discharge, as soon as you remove
the cover, and before touching anything inside the system unit,
touch the TOUCH ME FIRST label on the top of the power
supply. It is recommended that you wear an antistatic wrist strap
and use and antistatic mat when adding options inside the system
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