DS-KZCCA-AB Installation Procedure
The table below provides an overview of the VAX™-SCSI installation
procedure. The remainder of this section explains each step in more detail.
1. Touch the TOUCH HERE space or a metal piece on the top of
the power supply
2. Remove the I/O filler plate
3. Remove the asynchronous communication adapter (if present)
4. Install the internal SCSI cable on the VAX™-SCSI module
5. Install the VAX™-SCSI module in your system, by aligning
the connector on the back of the module with the receptacle on
the CPU board. When you are certain the connectors are
aligned, gently apply pressure directly above the connector
until the connectors seat. Last, clip the module to the retaining
Installing the VAX™-SCSI adapter
Figure 3 Installing the VAX-SCSI module
6. Re-attach any SCSI cables which were removed
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