Option Locations VAX4000™ and MicroVAX3100™
1. Power Supply
2. Memory Modules
3. Communications devices (synchronous
communications slot, asynchronous option slot)
4. Disk drive mounting hardware (remove from
enclosure to expose CPU module)
Figure 2: VAX4000 and MicroVAX3100 Option Locations
Locate the options listed above within your system enclosure. You may need
to temporarily remove one or more options in order to install your Compaq
VAX™-SCSI option.
DS-KZCCA-AB Configuration Restrictions
You can not have the Compaq VAX™-SCSI option in your system at the
same time as the asynchronous communications option. If this option is in
your system, it must be removed if you want to run the Compaq adapter.
3 4
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