Installing the VAX-SCSI Host Adapter
Preparing your System
The instructions in this section must be followed regardless of your system
type. Once you have completed these general procedures, skip to the section
below that best describes your system type and configuration.
Before you begin installing your Compaq VAX™-SCSI UltraSCSI adapter,
you must follow the steps below:
1. Back up your files
Follow the instructions in your software documentation to do a
complete backup of your system and user disks. It is
important that you have a complete backup set, and can restore
your system completely, to prevent possible data loss.
2. Shut down the system
Use your site specific shutdown procedure to shut down your
running system.
3. Turn off the system
4. Unplug the system from the AC power, and unplug all
external cables from the system enclosure, taking note on
where all connections were, so that they can be re-connected
when the installation is complete.
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