Adapter Installation
Compaq VAX™-SCSI Ultra SCSI Host adapters include on-board
Differential SCSI drivers and termination. The Comapq adapter is always at
the end of the SCSI chain, and therefore always must terminate the SCSI bus.
An external SCSI Connector and cabling is provided for connection to
external SCSI devices.
Correct installation of your adapter requires that you first understand the
basic rules of the SCSI bus and correctly configure the termination based on
the position of the external devices on the bus. In order for a SCSI bus to
operate, it must be electrically terminated at both ends.
Your VAX™-SCSI adapter is at the end of the SCSI bus and will always
have termination enabled.
You must place a Differential SCSI terminator at the LAST device on the
SCSI chain. No other devices on the bus should provide termination.
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