IntraServer has implemented a port naming convention for SCSI devices on
PKWdriver to maximize the number of SCSI devices that can be used in a
cluster without being limited by the SCSI naming convention implemented
by OpenVMS. The driver can optionally be set to name the SCSI ports PKW
(default), PKX, PKY, or PKZ. This is done so that in cluster applications the
SCSI devices on one host system will not conflict with the SCSI devices on
another system with the same allocation class.
The installation procedure will inquire about the port letter required.
Required VMS Patches
Your VMS system must have all SCSI patches for the version you are
running. These patches are available from Compaq on the internet. If your
system is not up to date, you may experience SCSI device problems.
Check for the latest patch information for your version of VMS at the
following There are some required VMS patches required to certain versions
of VMS required to run the Compaq VAX-SCSI option. These are found on
the support web site at:
You must have all SCSI related patches for your version of VMS, for
If you are shadowing, you must also have all shadowing related patches, for
Install all patches before you install the IntraServer driver kit.
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