Safety Precautions 5
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When installed in a mobile
home, this appliance must be
bolted to the floor, have outside
air, and not be installed in the
bedroom (Per H.U.D.
requirements). Check with local
building officials.
Do not place clothing or other
flammable items on or near this
Never try to repair or replace
any part of this appliance unless
instructions are given in this
manual. All other work must be
done by a trained technician.
Do not make any changes or
modifications to an existing
masonry fireplace or chimney to
install this appliance.
This wood heater has a
manufacturer-set minimum low
burn rate that must not be
altered. It is against federal
regulations to alter this setting or
otherwise operate this wood
heater in a manner inconsistent
with operating instructions in this
Allow the appliance to cool
before carrying out any
maintenance or cleaning.
Overfiring the appliance may
cause a house fire. If a unit or
chimney connector glows, you
are overfiring.
Maintain the door and glass seal
and keep them in good
Avoid placing wood against the
glass when loading. Do not
slam the door or strike the glass.
Do not use a grate or other
device to elevate the fire off of
the firebox floor. Burn the fire
directly on the bricks.
Do not throw this manual away.
This manual has important
operating and maintenance
instructions that you will need at
a later time. Always follow the
instructions in this manual.
Travis Industries, Inc. grants
no warranty, implied or
stated, for the installation or
maintenance of your
appliance, and assumes no
responsibility of any
consequential damage(s).
Smoke and CO Detectors: Make sure your home has a working smoke detector, especially near any bedrooms. We
recommend having a smoke and/or CO detector in the same room as the wood heater for additional safety.
Proposition 65 Warning: Fuels used in gas, woodburning or oil fired appliances, and the products of combustion of such
fuels, contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm.
California Health & Safety Code Sec. 25249.6
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