46 Optional Equipment
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Surround Panels (see part #'s below)
Size Size on Insert (w trim) PART #
8" 45 1/4" wide by 28 7/8" high 99300312
10" 49 1/4" wide by 30 7/8" high 99300313
12" 53 1/4" wide by 32 7/8" high 99300314
1. With the insert 12” from
the fireplace, install the
side surround panels (see
the directions to the
2. Adjust the position of the
side panels so they are:
1) aligned with the top of
the insert; 2) both the
same distance back from
the front of the insert; 3)
perpendicular to the floor
(use the top panel, if
necessary, to judge
alignment). Tighten the
screws that hold the side
panels in place.
3. Install the top panel and
trim following the
directions to the right.
Insulation Installation
(required for face seal
installations only)
1. With the insert drawn 6"
from the fireplace, glue
the insulation strip
included with the
surround panel kit to the
back of the panels using
RTV silicon or stove
gasket cement. The
insulation should be
installed so it overlaps the
fireplace opening to form
a seal between the
panels and the fireplace
face. Let the silicon or
cement dry.
2. Push the insert into the
fireplace, allowing the
insulation to form a seal
between the panels and
the fireplace. Use a
screwdriver to tuck any
exposed insulation
behind the panels.
Avalon Pendleton-45 and Rainier-45:
Remove the brass trim along the top of the stove.
Button Plugs
(pry out with a screwdriver)
5/16" Nutdriver
Attach the side panels with
the included screws (hint:
pre-thread the holes prior
to installing the panels).
"L" Bracket
Right Side
Top Trim
Optional Trim Installation:
Insert one leg of each "L" bracket into the top
and side trim piece. Align the trim to form a
precise corner, then tighten the two set
screws with a small standard screwdriver.
Slide the trim over the panels. Place the
spring clips behind the panels at the locations
shown. This keeps the trim tight against the
Micro (1/16”)
Install the top panel so the tabs insert
into the joggle clips on the top panel
Clips Top Trim
Optional Knock-Out
An optional knock-out is provided on both
sides if the power cord is routed behind the
surround panel.
5/16" Nutdriver
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