36 Maintaining Your Appliance
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Yearly Maintenance
Make sure the appliance has fully cooled prior to conducting service.
Touch Up Paint
Included with the owner's pack of this appliance is a can of Stove-Brite®
paint. To touch up nicks or dulled paint, apply the paint while the appliance is
cool. Sand rusted or damaged areas before preparation (use 120 grit
sandpaper). Clean and dry the area to prepare the surface. Wait at least one
hour before starting the appliance. The touched up area will appear darker
than the surrounding paint until it cures from heat. Curing will give off some
fumes while curing – open windows to ventilate.
Cleaning the Air Duct and Blower (if applicable)
Use a vacuum to clean the air ducts (channels). This prevents dust from burning and creating odors.
The optional blower should be vacuumed every year to remove any buildup of dust, lint, etc.
Firebrick and Baffle Inspection
Use the illustration on page 38 as a reference for checking the following items. Make sure the appliance
is cool before proceeding.
Baffle Firebricks - check the bricks along the ceiling of the firebox to make sure they are intact and have
no gaps between them. Slide the bricks to eliminate any gaps.
Baffle Supports - make sure the front and back baffle supports in are place and not degraded. Slight
scaling or rusting of the metal is normal.
Secondary Air Tubes - Check the two air tubes and collars to make sure they are intact and not severely
deteriorated. Slight scaling or rusting of the metal is normal. Make sure the push pins hold the air tubes
in place.
Floor and Wall Firebricks - replace any severely damaged firebrick along the side or floor of the firebox.
Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any
buildup on the screens of the blower.
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