Fireplace Insert Installation (for qualified installers only) 23
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Insert with Face
Seal Connection
Face seal connections
require installation of the
surround panels and
insulation (see the
"Surround Panel
Installation" on page
Remove damper
or wire it open
Airtight Insulated
Combustible Mantle
NOTE: This installation may be
used with a masonry fireplace
only. The requirements in the
section "Masonry Fireplace
Requirements" must be fulfilled
prior to installation.
See the section "Insert
Placement Requirements"
for minimum clearances
and hearth required.
Surround Panels with
insulation (see "Surround
Panels" installation
instructions in the back of
the manual)
NOTE: It is
recommended your
chimney have a
minimum 28 and a
maximum of 144
square inch cross-
sectional area to use a
face seal connection,
otherwise your
chimney maynot have
sufficient draw for the
fireplace insert to
operate correctly.
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