Stove Installation (for qualified installers only) 9
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Stove Placement Requirements
Clearances may be reduced by methods specified in NFPA 211, listed wall shields, pipe shields, or
other means approved by local building or fire officials.
Stove must be placed so that no combustibles are within, or can swing within (e.g. drapes,
doors), 36" of the front of the stove
If the stove is placed in a location where the ceiling height is less than 7', it must follow the
requirements in the section "Alcove Installation Requirements"
Must maintain the clearances to combustibles listed below (drywall, furniture, etc.):
Straight Installations
Corner Installations
Measure clearances to the stove top.
Rainier-45° Rainier-90°
Minimum Clearance
(See the illustration above)
A Sidewall to stove 14" 16" 14" 14"
B Backwall to stove 17 1/2" 14" 14 1/2" 9 1/2"
C Cornerwall to stove 11" 7 1/2" 11" 7 1/2"
D Connector to sidewall 24" 25 1/2" 24" 23 1/2"
E Connector to backwall 15 1/2"** 10"** 15 3/4" 10 1/4"
F Connector to cornerwall 16 1/2"** 12"** 20" 16"
* Reduced clearance installations require one of the chimneys and connectors listed below:
• DURAVENT model DVL with DURATEC chimney
• DURAVENT model DVL with DURA-PLUS chimney
• AMERI-TEC model DCC with model HS chimney
• SECURITY model DL with SECURITY model ASHT or S2100 chimney
• METAL-FAB model DW with TG chimney
• GSW Double Wall Chimney Connector with Super Chimney Twenty-One
• SELKIRK METALBESTOS model DS connector with model SSII chimney
• I.C.C. Excel (2100-2 Can.) (103-HT USA) chimney with HP connector
• Standard Masonry Chimney with any one of the above listed connectors
** These are minimum clearances, not installation dimensions. Connector position will vary depending upon brand.
First establish the stove clearances, install the 45° connector to the stove, then determine the position of the connector.
NOTE: Standard residential installations with reduced clearance connector may use the clearance determined by the
manufacturer of the connector for the connector to wall clearance or the clearance listed in this manual.
Offsets must be used to maintain the stove to wall clearance.
NOTE: Reduced clearance connectors may not connect to the flue collar – order an appliance adapter for the
connector being used.
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