6 Features & Specifications
Travis Industries 100-01140 4150522
Installation Options:
• Freestanding
• Freestanding in an Alcove
• Freestanding in a Mobile Home
• Masonry Fireplace Insert
• Factory-Built (Z.C.) Fireplace Insert
1.8 Cubic Foot Firebox Volume
Single Operating Control
Accepts Logs Up to 20" Long
Steel Plate Construction (1/4" & 3/16")
Heavy Duty Refractory Firebrick
Optional High-Tech Blower
Heating Specifications:
Approximate Maximum Heating Capacity (in square feet)* 800 to 1,800
Maximum BTU's per Hour (Cord Wood Calculation) 71,800
Overall Efficiency (Oregon Method) 71.7 %
Maximum Burn Time Up to 9 Hours
* Heating capacity will vary depending on the home's floor plan, degree of insulation, and the outside
temperature. It is also affected by the quality and moisture level of the fuel.
This model was not tested for efficiency however it is assigned a default efficiency of 63% by the EPA under
previous subpart AAA. Efficiency of this wood heater will be affected by the operational burn rate and the
moisture content of the wood used as fuel.
Insert Dimensions - Rainier 90
Depth into Fireplace** ........14-1/2"
Onto Hearth**** ....................5-1/8"
Insert Dimensions - Rainier 45
Depth into Fireplace** ...........9-1/2"
Onto Hearth**** .......................10"
25-3/4" ****
Measure side, corner,
and back clearances
from the stove top.
21 1/8"*
Steel Legs (discontinued)..27-5/8"
Sculptured or Cast Legs..........29"
The flue collar protrudes
3/4" above the stove top
(from base)
Flue Location for Rainier-45
* For inserts, add 3/4" for the flue collar.
** ZC (metal) fireplaces require an additional 1".
*** ZC (metal) fireplaces require an additional 2".
**** Does not include hearth protection.
This heater meets the 2015 U.S. EPA’s crib wood emission limits for wood heaters sold after May 15,
2015. Tested to Method 28, 5H this heater has been shown to deliver heat at rates ranging from 11,200
to 40,000 BTU/hr and an emission value of 2.0g/h.
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