40 Optional Equipment
Travis Industries 100-01140 4150522
Stove Leg Installation (Brass # 99200500, Cast Black # 99200800, Sculptured # 99200105)
Raise the stove 8" (use lumber). Attach each leg following the instructions below.
Attach each leg to the stove by
inserting a bolt and washer through the
hole or slot in the leg and into the
threaded hole on the stove.
9/16" Socket Wrench
These rubber-tipped bolts are for leveling the stove.
Make sure they contact the floor. Do not adjust
with weight on the legs, the rubber tips may tear.
Pedestal (Part # 99200127)
If using outside air with the pedestal, follow the directions on the following page under "Outside Air
Installation" prior to installing the pedestal.
1 Place the pedestal into position on the floor protection. Lift the pedestal up and insert the two
dowels included with this kit onto the forward and rear edge of the pedestal base.
2 Lift the stove onto the pedestal base. Line up the press-nuts on the bottom of the stove with the
two attachment brackets on the pedestal. Insert the two bolts, with washers, through the
brackets on the pedestal and into the stove. Tighten the bolts with a 9/16" wrench.
! Mobile Home installations require the pedestal to be attached to the floor (use the lag bolts).
The dowels insert onto
the front and back edge
of the pedestal base.
Two pedestal bolts
attach the pedestal to
the bottom of the stove
(NOTE: two different
bolt sizes are included
- use the correct pair
for your application).
9/16" Wrench
The lag bolts and washers
may be inserted through
these holes to anchor the
pedestal to the floor.
These brackets are
provided for early
model stoves.
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