4 Safety Precautions
Travis Industries 100-01140 4150522
The viewing door must be
closed and latched during
Never block free airflow
through the air vents on this
Gasoline or other flammable
liquids must never be used
to start the fire or "Freshen
Up" the fire. Do not store or
use gasoline or other
flammable liquids in the
vicinity of this appliance.
This appliance is designed
and approved for the
burning of cord wood only.
Do not attempt to burn any
other type of fuel other than
cord wood in this appliance,
it will void all warranties and
safety listings.
Ashes must be disposed in
a metal container with a
tight lid and placed on a
non-combustible surface
well away from the home or
Do not touch the appliance
while it is hot and educate
all children of the danger of
a high-temperature
appliance. Young children
should be supervised when
they are in the same room
as the appliance.
Keep furniture, drapes,
curtains, wood, paper, and
other combustibles a
minimum of 36" away from
the front of the appliance.
This appliance must be
properly installed to prevent
the possibility of a house
fire. The instructions must
be strictly adhered to. Do
not use makeshift methods
or compromise in the
Contact your local building
officials to obtain a permit
and information on any
installation restrictions or
inspection requirements in
your area. Notify your
insurance company of this
appliance as well.
Inspect the chimney
connector and chimney at
least twice monthly and
clean if necessary.
Creosote may build up and
cause a house fire.
Do not connect this
appliance to any chimney
serving another appliance.
HT Clay
This appliance must be
connected to a listed high
temperature (UL 103 HT)
residential type chimney or
an approved masonry
chimney with a standard
clay tile, or stainless steel
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