Maintaining Your Appliance 37
Travis Industries 100-01140 4150522
Air Tube Removal & Replacement
Remove the left pin on the air tube collar
(it may be a roll pin or push pin).
Air Tube Collar
Air Tube
Push Pin
Slide the air tube to the left, swing it
down and remove from the firebox.
Roll Pin
Baffle Removal & Replacement
Front Baffle Support
Air Tubes
1. Push up on the center firebrick and pivot it out of the baffle area (see steps ā€œaā€ through ā€œcā€ above).
2. Slide the side firebricks inwards and remove in the same fashion.
3. Remove the baffle support by feeding it through the space between secondary air tube and the door.
REPLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS: Follow the instructions in reverse order. Make sure the baffle supports are
properly aligned and the bricks lay flat.
Baffle Firebrick
Rear Baffle Support
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