30 Operating Your Appliance
Travis Industries 100-01140 4150522
This heater is designed to burn natural wood only. Higher efficiencies and lower emissions
generally result when burning air dried seasoned hardwoods, as compared to softwoods or to
green or freshly cut hardwoods. DO NOT BURN:
(1) Garbage;
(2) Lawn clippings or yard waste;
(3) Materials containing rubber, including tires;
(4) Materials containing plastic;
(5) Waste petroleum products, paints or paint thinners, or asphalt products;
(6) Materials containing asbestos;
(7) Construction or demolition debris;
(8) Railroad ties or pressure-treated wood;
(9) Manure or animal remains;
(10) Salt water driftwood or other previously salt water saturated materials;
(11) Unseasoned wood; or
(12) Paper products, cardboard, plywood, or particleboard. The prohibition against burning these
materials does not prohibit the use of fire starters made from paper, cardboard, saw dust, wax
and similar substances for the purpose of starting a fire in an affected wood heater.
Burning these materials may result in release of toxic fumes or render the heater
ineffective and cause smoke.
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