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Starting a Fire
Since the dawn of time man has debated the best way to start a fire. Some use the boy-scout "tee-
pee", some prefer the "tic-tac-toe" stack. Either way, review the hints and warnings below to ensure
proper fire starting.
Make sure the air control is pushed in. If additional air is needed, open the doors 1/4" during the first
five minutes of start-up.
Never use gasoline, gasoline-type lantern fuel, kerosene, charcoal lighter fluid, or similar liquids to start
or "freshen up" a fire in this stove. Keep all such liquids well away from the stove while it is in use.
If using a firestarter, use only products specifically designed for stoves - follow the manufacturer's
instructions carefully.
If the smoke does not pass up the chimney, ball up one sheet of newspaper, place it in the center of the
firebox and light it. This should start the chimney drafting (this eliminates "cold air blockage").
Use plenty of kindling to ensure the stove reaches a proper temperature. Once the kindling is burning
rapidly, place a few larger pieces of wood onto the fire.
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