20 Insert Installation (for qualified installers only)
Travis Industries 100-01140 4150522
Drafting Performance
This appliance relies upon natural draft to operate. External forces, such as wind, barometric
pressure, topography, or factors of the home (negative pressure from exhaust fans, chimneys, air
infiltration, etc.), may adversely affect draft. Travis Industries can not be responsible for external
forces leading to less than optimal performance.
Leveling Bolt Installation
Two leveling bolts are included to level the insert if the fireplace has a stepped-up hearth. To install,
raise the rear of the insert up and insert the leveling bolts into the holes in the rear corners of the
insert. Adjust the bolts until they extend the same height as the hearth steps up. After the insert is
installed, fine-tune the leveling bolts to level the insert (see the illustration).
This distance is the
hearth step-up. The
leveling bolts should
stick out this far from the
base of the insert.
The leveling bolts go
into the holes at the
rear corners of the
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