2 Introduction
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We welcome you as a new owner of an Avalon Rainier wood-burning stove. In an Avalon Rainier you
have joined the growing ranks of concerned individuals whose selection of an energy system reflects
both a concern for the environment and aesthetics. The Avalon Rainier is one of the finest
appliances the world over. This manual will explain the installation, operation, and maintenance of
this appliance. Please familiarize yourself with the Owner's Manual before operating your appliance
and save the manual for future reference. Included are helpful hints and suggestions which will make
the installation and operation of your new appliance an easier and more enjoyable experience. We
offer our continual support and guidance to help you achieve the maximum benefit and enjoyment
from your appliance.
Important Information
No other Avalon Rainier appliance has the same
serial number as yours. The serial number is
stamped onto the label on the back of the appliance.
This serial number will be needed in case you require
service of any type.
Model: Avalon Rainier
Serial Number:
Purchase Date:
Purchased From:
Mail your Warranty Card Today, and
Save Your Bill of Sale.
To receive full warranty coverage, you will
need to show evidence of the date you
purchased your appliance. Do not mail
your Bill of Sale to us.
We suggest that you attach your Bill of Sale
to this page so that you will have all the
information you need in one place should
the need for service or information occur.
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