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Masonry Fireplace Requirements
Chimney must have a clay tile liner or a stainless steel liner (positive connection)
Entire fireplace, including chimney, must be clean and undamaged. Any damage must be repaired
prior to installation of the insert
Chimney height: 15' minimum; 33' maximum.
Entire fireplace, including chimney, must meet local building requirements
Zero-Clearance (Metal) Fireplace Requirements:
Must be manufactured by one of the following manufacturers:
• Marco • Majestic • Heatilator • Preway • Tempco • Superior
• Heat N Glo • Lennox • Martin • Monesson
Entire fireplace, including chimney, must meet local building requirements
Chimney height: 15' minimum; 33' maximum.
The damper ("A") and grate ("B") must be
removed (see illustration to the right). The
smoke shelf ("C"), internal baffles ("D"),
screen ("E"), and metal or glass doors ("F")
may be removed (if applicable). The
masonry lining ("G"), insulation ("H"), and
any structured rigid frame members (metal
sides, floor, door frame, face of the
fireplace, etc. – "I") may not be removed or
The chimney on the ZC fireplace must be listed per UL 127 or ULC 610-M87 for all installations. Any
thermal protection component of the fireplace or chimney must remain in place. The fireplace and
chimney must be inspected prior to installation. A NFPA 211 Level II inspection is recommended.
Repairs must be made prior to insert installation. The base of the fireplace must be structurally
sound and able to support the weight of the insert.
The stainless steel liner must be 6” diameter and extend the full height of the chimney (also called a
positive connection or full re-line). This liner must meet type HT (2100°F) requirements per UL 1777
(USA) or ULC S635 with “0” clearance to masonry (Canada). The liner must be attached to the insert
flue collar and to the top of the existing chimney.
We recommend using the listed Travis ZC Liner Kit from Duravent (SKU 98900046, 47, or 48). If you
do not use this kit, you must use the original ZC chimney cap.
The liner support and cap at the top of the chimney must not reduce air flow for the existing air-cooled
chimney system. The Travis ZC Liner Kit includes a cap that meets this provision.
To prevent air from passing up the ZC fireplace chimney (the gap between the liner and chimney) we
recommend sealing the area near the damper. Use non-combustible material to seal this area (non-
backed fiberglass insulation or kaowool).
The convection air channel on the fireplace must not be blocked. Do not block any louvers, grills, or
air passages on the front of the fireplace.
Entire fireplace, including chimney, must meet local building requirements. Permits may be required
for installation. Final approval is contingent upon the authority having local jurisdiction. Inform you
insurance agent of this fireplace insert.
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