Service Tools
New Tools
The table below lists the new service tools required for the AJ V8 engine. These are in addition to the
tools already in use on 6 and 12 cylinder engines, some of which can also be used on the AJ V8.
Details of new service tools for the 5HP24 transmission will be supplied at a later date.
Part Number Description
JD 215 Camshaft setting/locking tool
JD 216 Crankshaft setting/locking peg
JD 217 Timing chain tensioner tool
JD 218 Timing chain wedges (2 each)
JD 220 Dummy main bearing caps (5 each)
JD 221 Bore protector - connecting rod installation (2 each)
JD 222 Engine rear lifting brackets (1 pair)
JD 223 Engine stand mounting brackets (1 pair)
JD 229 Crankshaft rear oil seal remover/replacer
JD 230 Belt tensioner release tool
JD 231 Fuel injector remover
JD 232 Valve lifter hold-down tool
JD 233 Fan nozzle air gun
JD 234 Crankshaft front oil seal remover
JD 235 Crankshaft front oil seal replacer
MS 76-140-5 Valve seat 5 mm pilot (for use with existing MS 76 valve seat cutter tools)
18G 1437-2 Adapter (for use with existing front pulley lock tool 18G 1437)
- Cranked 13 mm box wrench, for starter motor upper securing bolt (eg. Snap-on part
number CXM 1113)
- Spring band hose clamp pliers (eg. Snap-on part number HCP 20)
- Torque/Angle disc, for yield tightening of bolts (eg. Snap-on part number TA 360)
- Valve seal pliers (eg. Snap-on part number YA 8230)
- 24 mm, 0.375 inch drive, open wrench, for knock sensors (eg. Snap-on part number
FCOM 24)
- 8 inch long, 0.375inch drive, angle extension, for use with 24 mm open wrench
(eg. Snap-on part number FXW 8)
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