The following abbreviations are used in this document:
Abbreviation Description
ABS anti-lock braking system
A/C air conditioning
A/CCM air conditioning control module
BPM body processor module
BHP brake horse power
˚C degree Celsius
CAN controller area network
CDI cubic inch displacement
DIN Deutsche Institut für Normung
dc direct current
DTC diagnostic trouble code
ECM engine control module
ECT engine coolant temperature
EGR exhaust gas recirculation
EMS engine management system
EVAP evaporative emission
˚F degree Fahrenheit
ft foot
HO2S heated oxygen sensor
in inch
JDS Jaguar diagnostic system
lb pound
lbf.ft pound force feet
kg kilogram
km/h kilometer per hour
kW kilowatt
m meter
MAFS mass air flow sensor
MIL malfunction indicator lamp
mph miles per hour
mm millimeter
ms millisecond
Nm Newton meter
NOx nitrous oxide
OBD on-board diagnostics
O2S oxygen sensor
PAS power assisted steering
PDU portable diagnostic unit
psi pounds per square inch
PTFE polytetrafluoroethane
rpm revolutions per minute
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers (USA)
SCP standard corporate protocol
TCM transmission control module
USA United States of America
V volt
VSV vacuum solenoid valve
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