Oil Pump
The oil pump is installed on the crankshaft at the
front of the engine. The pump inlet and outlet
ports align with oil passages in the bedplate. A
rubber coated metal gasket seals the pump to
bedplate interface.
The pumping element is an eccentric rotor, which
is directly driven by flats on the crankshaft. An
integral pressure relief valve regulates pump
outlet pressure at 4.5 bar (65.25 psi).
Oil Filter
The oil filter is a replaceable cartridge installed on
an adapter. An internal bypass facility permits full
flow bypass if the filter is blocked.
Oil Pressure Switch
The oil pressure switch connects a ground input
to the instrument cluster when oil pressure is
present. The switch operates at a pressure of
0.15 to 0.41 bar (2.2 to 5.9 psi).
Oil Level Gauge
The oil level gauge locates midway along the left
side of the oil pan, supported in a tube installed in
the bedplate. Two holes in the end of the gauge
indicate the minimum and maximum oil levels.
There is a difference of approximately 1 liter
(1 US quart) between the two levels.
Oil Pick-up
The moulded composite oil pick-up is immersed
in the oil reservoir to provide a supply to the oil
pump during all normal vehicle attitudes. The
castellated inlet allows the supply to be
maintained even if the sump pan is deformed (eg.
by “grounding”). A mesh screen in the inlet
prevents debris from entering the oil system.
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