Engine Lubrication
Oil is drawn from the reservoir in the oil pan and
pressurised by the oil pump. The output from the
oil pump is then filtered and distributed through
internal oil passages.
All moving parts are lubricated by pressure or
splash oil. Pressurised oil is also provided for
operation of the variable valve timing units and
the timing gear chain tensioners.
The oil returns to the oil pan under gravity. Large
drain holes through the cylinder heads and
cylinder block ensure the quick return of the oil,
reducing the volume of oil required and enabling
an accurate check of the contents soon after the
engine stops.
System replenishment is through the oil filler cap
on the B bank camshaft cover.
With the exception of the pump and level gauge,
all oil system components are installed on the
structural sump.
Coolant Outlet Duct
The composite coolant outlet duct connects to
the outlet port of each cylinder head to provide a
common connection point for the radiator top
hose. It also incorporates connections for the
coolant temperature sensor, the supply to the air
conditioning heater matrix, and the bypass flow
to the thermostat housing.
An in-groove gasket seals each of the joints
between the outlet duct and the cylinder heads.
ECT Sensor
A/C Heater
To Radiator
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