Optional message waiting indication
Operation on PABX which return secondary indication
Memories accessed by a button
Last number redial
PBX recall (earth or timed break selectable)
MF signaling only
Optional use of headset
Access pause insertion (maximum of 3)
Mute function
Data port
Headset electronic volume control
Speaker electronic volume control
Ringer volume control
Ringer pitch control
Ringing indicator
Handsfree speaking
This telephone is designed to work on most telephone lines by drawing power
from the line. However, when using the loudspeaking facility, there are some
instances where the power available may not be sufficient to provide an
adequate performance.
This telephone requires the use of a power supply, or batteries, for Handsfree
operation and for the caller display to function. If the telephone is used in
Handsfree mode without any additional power, difficulties may be experienced
but your telephone will still work simply by lifting the Handset and proceeding to
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