It is also possible to use this telephone in combination with a headset. There is a
universal interface in the telephone which will allow connection of most headsets,
providing that they have an RJ11 plug for connection to the headset socket
situated at the back of the telephone.
1. Important Notes
Intended Use
This apparatus is intended for use on 2 wire analogue PSTN and PABX circuits
within Europe and the Middle East.
Telephone facilities
This telephone has been designed for the use of the following facilities:
Caller display facilities
Liquid crystal display
Handsfree speakerphone operation
Declaration of Conformity
Interquartz (UK) Limited declares under its sole responsibility that this product
Model : 9335 Gemini CLI Phone
Is in conformity with the following relevant harmonized standards
Health & Safety EN60950
Electromagnetic Compatibility EN55022 : 1998 & EN55024 : 1998
Telecom EN301437 : 1999 & TBR38 : 1998
Following the provisions of Council Directive on radio equipment and
telecommunications terminal equipment.
MAY 2004
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