The features of your telephone
This telephone is a sophisticated instrument but, with just a little practice and
some patience, you will soon be able to use it to its full capabilities.
Most importantly, the telephone is able to show caller display information,
provided that it is available on your telephone line and that your network operator
has provided the service to you. You may have to pay a small charge for the
If caller display is connected then, when a call is received at the telephone, it will
display the number of the person calling you (there are some exceptions to this
but please refer to the appropriate section in this manual). This information is
stored together with information about the time/date of the call and whether you
answered the call or not. Information on the last 80 calls is retained in the
telephone memory and it is possible to scan through these calls and dial
someone back by simply pressing one button.
There is an independent directory for you to store the telephone numbers and
names of the 100 people whom you call most often or who call you. By accessing
an entry in the directory and pressing one button, that number will be called.
If one of your directory “Names” calls you, then the display will show not only the
number calling you but the name, as stored in your directory.
As well as a directory of numbers, it is possible to store up to 20 names and
numbers in ten one- and two-touch buttons. NOTE: one variant of this telephone
is designed to use Network Services and it utilizes these buttons. In this case, it
is not possible to store user programmable memories in these locations.
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