6. Warranty and Service
This product is guaranteed, by Interquartz (UK) Limited, for six years from the
date of manufacture.
Every Interquartz telephone has a unique serial number and part of that number
refers to the date of manufacture. A label, similar to that shown below is affixed to
each telephone
0411 030852
(model no)
The figure 0411 means that the telephone was made during week 11 (12 March)
2004. The six year warranty, cover will apply until 12 March 2010.
A warranty is designed to cover either manufacturing faults or component defects.
It is not designed to cover fair wear and tear – The Handset cord and line cord
are not covered by this guarantee. The Interquartz warranty is no exception.
We look to you, our customer, to be reasonable and sensible over the warranty.
We will endeavour to repair any telephone sent in to us within the warranty period
but we reserve the right to charge for items that we consider replaceable under
wear and tear. The Handset cord and line cord are not covered by this guarantee,
if a Handset cord splits within a few months, it will be replaced. If a phone is
returned after, say, four years of heavy use with a similar problem, we might take
a different view and wish to charge.
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