5. Maintenance and Problem Solving
Please bear in mind that this telephone is designed to receive Caller Display
information. It will only do so if your Network Operator provides the service and,
where applicable, you have subscribed to it.
Your telephone is a precision electronic instrument. Avoid rough handling and
extreme temperatures. Use a mild detergent and a damp cloth when cleaning.
Never use a stronger cleaner.
If your telephone does not appear to be working correctly, please check the
No dial tone - is phone cord properly connected to the wall socket?
No display - is power supply/batteries connected?
Will not ring - ringer switch is set to off
- REN number may exceed 4, for all telephones connected to
the line. Disconnect a phone until the number is below 4
Poor Handsfree performance
Ensure that an approved external power supply is connected
If there are still problems, and you have more than one telephone:
Remove the “Problem” telephone. Insert another telephone and check that it
works. If “Yes” then the “Problem” telephone is possibly faulty. If not, then you
may have a faulty line. Try using the other socket and see which telephones work.
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