To remove the Message Waiting Prompt and Envelope Icon manually.
The message waiting prompt and the envelope icon can be automatically switch
off upon receiving of a Message Waiting Off signal from the network after
retrieving of the message. The manual clearing of MWI option is provided in case
this MWI OFF has been interfered in some conditions such as parallel phone
connection or interruption of signal reception by any off hook operation.
To clear the MWI prompts; press CLEAR twice.
Note: It is not recommended to use more than two Caller ID phones in parallel
as their performance may be affected. Call Waiting Caller Number Display
may not be received by the unit if another parallel connected Caller ID
phone is in used at the same time.
Redial memory
This memory information is generated by the telephone and it contains details of
the last 5 telephone calls that were made on the telephone. When the memory
bank is full the next call to be made replaces the first call “In the memory queue”
which is then deleted.
Viewing the Redial Information
Press the REDIAL button. The last number called at the telephone will be
displayed with the telephone number and the message REDIAL 1. Using the
and buttons for reviewing all five redial numbers. To call any of the numbers,
make sure that the entry required is on the screen and press the DIAL button.
The telephone will automatically call the number in question, in Handsfree mode.
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