Viewing the Calls Directory
Press the CALLS button. Note that if the LED is flashing then there are new calls
in the Directory that you have not viewed before. The last call to be received is
displayed on the screen. You can use the and buttons to move up and
down through the memories to see who has called. If you wish to make a call to a
particular caller, make sure that the entry is on the screen and then press the
DIAL button. The telephone will automatically call the number in question, in
Handsfree mode.
Deleting the Calls memory
1. Press CALLS
2. Press the and buttons to select the number to be erased
3. Press CLEAR button twice; the call erased.
There may be situations where you wish to delete the entire Calls memory. First
of all, you should press CALLS button to enter call review mode.
Press CLEAR button twice in quick succession and then HOLD the CLEAR
button at second press until the screen has displayed “HOLD TO CLR CALL”.
The screen displays “CALL MEM CLEAR” after all call memories have been
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