Calls memory
This memory information is generated by the telephone and it contains details of
the last 80 telephone calls that were received by the telephone. When the
memory is full (80 memories) the next call to be received replaces the first call In
the memory queue which is then deleted. It is possible to clear the complete
“Calls” memory - see the end of this section.
Calls memory - how it works
Each call received by the telephone creates a record in the Calls memory - the
contents are described in the next section. When a call is received it is treated as
a NEW CALL and the LED above the CALLS button flashes. This is to let you
know that calls have been received which have not been reviewed. Pressing the
CALLS button will bring the calls information on the display and, at the same time,
cause the LED to stop flashing and reset the NEW CALLS counter to 0.
Calls Information
Each entry on the display will show:
The time that the call was received
The date that the call was received
The call number (01 to 80)
The telephone number of the caller will be displayed.
Note: there are circumstances where this information may not be available. Your
caller may have withheld the information in which case WITHHELD will
show in the display. If the call came from overseas or from a payphone,
for example, the caller display details are not available so the display
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