5. Key in the name or function associated with the number (as described at the
beginning of the memory section on page 29)
6. “MEMORY STORED” will appear on the display.
If you make a mistake in entering the data, simply overwrite the memory data by
repeating the procedure.
To clear the Direct Access memory
1. Press STORE
2. Press M1, M2,......M20 to select the memory location where M1-M10 are
one-touch memory and M11-M20 are two-touch memory. The display will
3. Press STORE. The display will show “CLEAR MEMORY”
4. Press STORE to confirm. The display will show “MEMORY EMPTY”.
Note: when the telephone is dialling a call, the word “DIALLING” appears on
the LCD. Upon completion of dialling, the LCD reverts to showing the
name associated with the number being called.
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