Direct Access memories
(If your telephone is designated as a network systems telephone, then these
buttons may be pre-programmed and may not be accessible for you to store your
own memories).
Furthermore, some models when connected to a particular voice mail platform
will have a special use for the memory button labelled 10/20. Your supplier will
advise about this, if applicable.
The memories are stored two each behind ten direct access buttons. Each entry
can be up to 32 digits with 16 alpha characters.
To store a Direct Access memory
For each memory it is possible to store the Handsfree function, as the first
character. In this case, when a memory button is pressed, the telephone will
automatically seize the line and make the call, in Handsfree mode. The
alternative, with Handsfree NOT stored is to press the memory button, obtain the
number on screen and then press the DIAL button.
1. Press the STORE button. “STORE” will appear on the display
2. Press one of the memory buttons, where you wish the memory to be stored
Note: if the button is pressed just once, then the memory will be stored
under the button as a one-touch button. If the memory button is
pressed twice in quick succession, the memory will be stored under
the button as a two-touch button.
3. Press the digits of the number to be stored
4. Press the STORE button
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