Directory memories
The Directory is your personal memory store for up to 100 names/ numbers.
Each entry can be up to 32 digits long with 16 alpha characters. See note on
page 24 about storage of local numbers.
To store a Directory memory
Follow the screen prompts
at “ENTER NUMBER” prompt key in the number to be stored. Press STORE
at “ENTER NAME” prompt key in the name to be stored (use the notes at
the beginning of this section on storing alpha characters). The names will be
stored in alphabetical order. Press STORE.
To access the Directory
You can then scroll through the complete directory by using the and buttons.
Each memory will appear in alphabetical order. Alternatively, you can search for a
particular letter by pressing DIRECTORY, followed by the alpha key required -
press 6 once for ”M” or twice for “N” for example. All entries that begin with that
letter will then be scanned as you use the and buttons.
To edit a Directory memory
Access a Directory entry, as above, and use the and buttons to move up or
down the Directory to locate the correct record to be edited. With the record
displayed, press the STORE button.
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