Redial memory
The Redial memory stores the phone numbers of the last five telephone numbers
that were called from the telephone.
When an incoming call is received, the telephone checks all of the memories and
if it finds a number is stored in any of memory banks, it will display the name that
you have stored with that number.
All incoming calls contain the complete STD area code as well as the number. If
you store a local number without the area code, the telephone will not provide a
match. Thus, for local calls, you should store the STD area code as well as the
number in your directory (NOTE: storing the STD area code will not affect calls
made to these numbers and you will be charged the correct rate for a local call).
Carrying out the above procedure will ensure that any local numbers stored will
give you a match on the incoming CLI signal.
Note: Some International calls, payphone calls and withheld calls will not be
displayed as numbers.
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