You can store up to 100 telephone numbers and names in your Directory. By
accessing a memory, a call can be made by pressing the DIAL button. If an
incoming call is received from someone whose name is stored in the Directory,
then that name will appear on your display together with the incoming callers’
telephone number.
Direct Access memory buttons
There are 10 buttons capable of providing 20 memory locations, each with a
maximum of 32 digits and 16 alpha characters. The memories are accessed by
one-touch or two-touches of the memory button.
Directory and a Direct Access memory (maximum of 32 digits). It may include
numbers 0-9, , , pause, Timed Break Recall and Handsfree.
Note: Although 32 digits can be stored in memory, only 16 digit number can be
displayed on screen.
Calls memory
This is part of the caller display service. Each call received by the telephone, up
to 80 calls, can be stored in this memory bank. The information stored includes
telephone number (and name, if this information is stored in your Directory) date
and time of call, whether the call was answered or not.
It is possible to specify that all calls are recorded in the Calls memory OR only
unanswered calls can be retained.
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