Ringer pitch control
Located on the base of the unit (see figure 6). Rotating this knob alters the pitch
of the ringing signal. Ideal where there is more than one phone in a room.
Data jack
This data jack is used to connect a device such as a modem to your telephone.
Electronic volume control
To adjust the volume at sound in Handset, Headset and Handsfree, Press the
and volume buttons located (see Figure 4).
Note: The and volume buttons can be used as Scroll up or down button to
review the Redial, Directory and the Caller memory list. The and
volume buttons also served as Edit buttons for entering telephone number
during memory storage.
Reset button
Memory stores
There are four different memory stores on this telephone.
It is unlikely that you will need to use this button.
The button is located under the memory number overlay at the
right-hand side of the telephone (see figure 2B). If the telephone
appears not to function, for any reason, pressing this button will
re-set the telephone to normal operation.
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