several prompts that also tell you what state the telephone is in at a particular
moment in time.
Mute button
Press to activate the mute circuit, cutting off the speech transmission to the
Handset, the Headset or Handsfree microphone. Press again to resume normal
conversation. The red LED, above the mute button, glows when the call is muted
and a MUTE prompt is also displayed on the LCD.
Note: The MUTE function will only operate in the on-line state and replacing the
Handset will automatically release the mute function.
Pause button
Introduces a pause of 1 seconds during dialling. A maximum of 3 pauses may be
inserted, otherwise the telephone may cease to function properly. This feature is
storable in memory.
To provide a Timed Break or an Earth Recall for use on a PABX (see page 12).
Note: only Timed Break Recall is storable in memory. Earth Recall is not storable.
In normal mode, the LCD displays the time of day. When making a call or
receiving a call the telephone will automatically record the call duration in
minutes and seconds and display this information on the screen. If you wish to
show the 24-hour clock then it will be necessary to set the time (see page 26) in
24-hour mode. When a caller display signal is received, it will automatically
adjust the time, on the display but to the 24-hour format.
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