displays in MINUTE:SECOND format in Timer and Stop Watch
modes (Maximum count 99:59).
displays together with “MESSAGE WAITING” in name field; indicates
presence of message waiting in system mailbox (see message waiting
light compatibility section).
for use in conjunction with caller list,
indicates the call was answered,
indicates call was not answered.
if this symbol is visible, it is recommend to change the batteries.
this symbol will be displayed in the absence of the adaptor power (only
functions with batteries).
Number Field - 16 digits for displaying telephone number.
Name Field - 16 characters for displaying Caller name or number of new calls
and total calls received.
The telephone is supplied with a protective cover over the display. Carefully peel
this off before using the telephone.
The LCD panel normally shows the time of day, the number of new calls that you
have not yet viewed and the total number of calls received. With incoming calls or
when viewing the Directory or viewing the Caller list it will show the date, the
number and the name or the caller (if programmed into the directory). There are
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