This adjustment is carried out by means of a switch, labeled N/S2/S1, located
next to the recall switch, mentioned on a previous page (Fig 2A).
As supplied, the telephone is set to the N (normal) position. (Fig.2A) Under no
circumstances should this voice messaging switch be set at the S1 or S2 without
the approval of your Telecoms / IT manager. In either of the S positions, the
telephone must NOT be connected directly to a public network line.
(Technical note: S1 and S2 are for reverse polarity messaging systems. With
such a system in use, if the telephone does not respond in the S1 position,
switch it to the S2 position and it should then respond.
Some PABX’s require a certain level of software and/or hardware within the
switch. If your telephone appears not to work, make sure that you have the
correct software/hardware installed).
If your telephone is connected to a Centrex Service, read
the following section.
Centrex services are offered by many Network Operators. They give similar
functions to a PABX. Your Network Operator or Telecom / IT manager will advise
you, if you are connected to such a service. To fully appreciate the functions of
this telephone you will have to read further sections in the User Guide.
However, there is one important matter that has to be considered at this stage. If
you are a member of a Centrex group, then you will almost certainly have to dial
9 to get outside the group.
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