Locate the battery compartment on the base of the telephone, next to an
engraving “WARNING: Unplug the connection to the network before opening this
cover” You will need to insert a small pointed tool in the hole next to the
compartment. Press down and slide the battery compartment out. Insert the three
AA batteries making sure that they are the correct way round, replace the
compartment and connect the telephone to the network.
The battery life will depend on usage, amongst other factors, but you should
expect to replace the batteries approximately every two to three months.
If your telephone is connected behind a PABX, read the
following section.
PABX Usage
Compatible PABX’s
The caller display service may not function when connected behind some PABX’s.
Any cases of difficulty should be referred to your supplier/installer.
PABX recall
This telephone is supplied set to Timed Break Recall (TBR). If your system has
an Earth Recall (ER), the PBX recall switch will need to be reset.
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