Kaspersky Internet Security maintains operation reports for each of the protection components. Using a report, you can
obtain statistical information about the application's operation (for example, how many malicious objects have been
detected and neutralized during a specified time period, how many times the application has been updated during the
same period, how many spam messages have been detected, and much more). Reports are kept in encrypted format.
To view the application operation report:
1. Open the main application window.
2. Click the Additional Tools button in the lower part of the main window to open the Tools window.
3. In the Tools window, select the Report section to open the Reports window.
The Reports window displays reports on application operation for the current day (in the left part of the window)
and for a particular time period (in the right part of the window).
4. If you want to view a detailed report on application operation, in the upper part of the Reports window, click the
Detailed reports link. The Detailed Reports window opens.
The Detailed Reports window displays data in the form of a table. For convenient viewing of reports, you can
select various filtering options.
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