The functionality that controls access by applications to sound recording devices has the following specifics:
The Application Control component has to be enabled for this functionality to work.
If the application started receiving the audio stream before the Application Control component was started,
Kaspersky Internet Security allows the application to receive the audio stream and does not show any
After the settings of application access to sound recording devices have been changed (for example, the
application has been prohibited from receiving the audio stream in the Application Control settings window),
this application has to be restarted to stop it from receiving the audio stream.
Control of access to sound recording devices is independent of the settings of application access to the
If the application GUI has not loaded yet, applications for which the "Prompt for action" permission has been set
are allowed to receive the audio stream.
Kaspersky Internet Security protects access to built-in microphones and external microphones only. Other audio
streaming devices are not supported.
The application does not guarantee protection of the audio stream from such devices as DSLR cameras, camcorders,
and action cameras.
To configure the settings of application access to sound recording devices:
1. Open the main application window.
2. In the lower part of the main window, click the Additional Tools button.
The Tools window opens.
3. Select the Application Control section.
The Application Control window opens.
4. Click the Manage applications link to open the Manage applications window.
5. In the list, select the application for which you want to allow access to sound recording devices. Double-click the
application to open the Application rules window.
6. In the Application rules window, go to the Rights tab.
7. In the list of rights categories, select Operating system modification Suspicious modifications in the
operating system Access sound recording devices.
8. In the Action column, click the icon and select one of the menu items:
To allow the application to receive the audio stream, select Allow.
To deny the application access to the audio stream, select Block.
To receive notifications about instances of applications being allowed or denied access to the audio stream,
select Log events.
9. Click the Save button.
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