C O N T R O L L I N G U S E R S ' A C T I V I T Y O N T H E C O M P U T E R A N D O N T H E IN T E R N E T
Enabling safe search mode on search engines (links to websites with questionable content are not displayed in
search results).
Restricting file downloads from the Internet.
Creating lists of contacts that are allowed or blocked for communication via social networks.
Viewing the text of messaging via social networks.
Blocking sending of certain personal data.
Searching for specified keywords in message logs.
You can configure features of Parental Control for each user account on a computer individually. You can also view
Parental Control reports on the activities of monitored users.
To go to the Parental Control settings:
1. Open the main application window.
2. In the main application window, click the Parental Control button.
3. When you open the Parental Control window for the first time, the application prompts you to set a password to
protect Parental Control settings. Select one of the following options:
If you want to password-protect access to Parental Control settings, fill in the Password and Confirm fields
and click the Continue button.
If you do not want to password-protect access to Parental Control settings, click the Skip link to continue to
the Parental Control settings.
The Parental Control window opens.
4. Select a user account and click the Configure restrictions link to open the Parental Control settings window.
Parental Control allows you to limit the amount of time spent by the user at the computer. You can specify a time interval
during which Parental Control should block access to the computer (bedtime), as well as a daily time limit on total
computer use. You can specify different limit amounts for weekdays and for weekends.
To configure time limits on computer use:
1. Go to the Parental Control settings window (see the section "Proceeding to the Parental Control settings" on
page 71).
2. In the Parental Control settings window, select the Computer section.
3. To specify a time interval during which Parental Control will block access to the computer, in the Weekdays and
Weekends sections, select the Block access from check box.
4. In the drop-down list next to the Block access from check box, specify the block start time.
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