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You can block all banners on a certain website. To do so, specify the mask for this website and add it to the list of
blocked web addresses.
To block all banners on a website:
1. Open the main application window.
2. Click the button in the lower part of the window.
The Settings window opens.
3. Select the Protection section.
4. Select the Anti-Banner component.
The Anti-Banner settings window opens.
5. Enable Anti-Banner by clicking the switch in the upper part of the window.
6. In the Anti-Banner settings window, click the Configure blocked URLs link to open the Blocked URLs
7. In the Blocked URLs window, click the Add button.
8. In the window that opens, in the Web address mask (URL) field enter the address mask for the website on
which you want to block banners. For example: http://example.com*.
9. Specify Active as the status for this website.
10. Click the Add button.
Kaspersky Internet Security starts blocking banners on the http://example.com website.
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