Registered users can perform the following actions:
Contact Technical Support and the Virus Lab.
Manage activation codes.
Receive information about new applications and special offers from Kaspersky Lab.
This step is not available in all versions of Kaspersky Internet Security.
5. Click the Finish button in the Activation window to complete the registration procedure.
You can renew a license when it is about to expire. To do this, you can specify a new activation code without waiting for
the current license to expire. When the current license expires, Kaspersky Internet Security is activated automatically
with the extra activation code.
To specify an extra activation code for automatic renewal of the license:
1. Open the main application window.
2. In the lower part of the main window, click the License link to open the Licensing window.
3. In the window that opens, in the New activation code section, click the Enter activation code button.
4. Enter the activation code in the corresponding fields and click the Add button.
Kaspersky Internet Security then sends the data to the Kaspersky Lab activation server for verification.
5. Click the Finish button.
The new activation code will be displayed in the Licensing window.
The application is automatically activated with the new activation code when the license expires. You can also activate
the application manually with a new activation code, by clicking the Activate now button. This button is available if the
application has not been activated automatically. This button is unavailable before the license expires.
If the new activation code that you specify has already been applied on this computer or on another computer, the
activation date for the purpose of renewing the license is the date on which the application was first activated with this
activation code.
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